Monday, January 31, 2005

Flying an Airplane

This came to me as a total surprise. I was in a restaurant with my good old friend and Darshan (Sai Young Adult) called and asked me if I was interested in flying an airplane as his brother Pranay, who is a pilot, was in town and they were renting a jet. I delightfully agreed.

The next day I got into the 4-passenger jet at Chandler Municipal Airport with Pranay, Darshan's Dad Manmohan Uncle, and his cousin Mini. Mini was the pilot as Pranay helped her as a copilot. We flew to Scottsdale airport where we exchanged ourselves with Swami, Vish and Sai Madhavan uncle. While Manmohan uncle, Mini and I were waiting at the Scottsdale airport, they flew for sometime and came back. Then we got into the plane and this time I was the pilot, with Pranay helping me out from the copilot's seat. That was a truly amazing experience. I made so rigorous turns and twists with the plane that Mini who was sitting at the back got sick. The controls were very sensitive and the plane was turning really fast. I had to try hard to keep the movements to the minimum, yet directing it to the destination. Pranay helped me out whenever I was going overboard and things were going out of control. Sometimes it was scary as were more than 3000 feet above the ground. I took off the plane from Scottsdale airport and safely landed back in the Chandler airport. It was a memorable experience for me. You can find the photos from the whole event here.  Posted by Hello


krish said...

hey man, this is really cool
wish i were with you guys during that fly...

anyways.. you have given wrong link to human values blog. - is my main blog site.

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