Monday, January 10, 2005

A New Addition to My Room

This is the new picture of my room with the new baby being the world map. I was never good at geography, especially with Europe and Middle East. Hopefully this will quench my thirst. As I look at the world map, I noticed that Russia and Canada are such big chunks of land, yet we often dont hear much news from those parts of the world. Possibly the cold makes those places harder to live (remember the famous story of Napoleons attempted invasion of Moscow?). Most of the famous places in the world are concentrated on the lower part of Europe (where the countries like UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, etc. are located), US, and Indian subcontinent :) I guess its high time to plan for a Euro trip. I have to see how soon that will happen.

Looking back at last week, it was a lot of fun. Research wise, we submitted a journal paper, which is gratifying. I started off my new year by a visit to the sin city. You can check out the pictures here. The others in the pictures are Ramya, Pavan, Sanjay and Pradeep. More about that trip later. Later in the week, thanks to the potluck at Anand's place, after a very long time I went to a bar (didn't drink anything though), tried to go to a dance floor and finally settled in a middle eastern restaurant called Oasis. This is an amazing place, located on the Apache road in Tempe. It features belly dancing, hookah and good food. This is a good place to hang out if you are living around Tempe area.

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